Landing page and site quality guidelines

Landing page and site quality guidelinesLanding page and site quality guidelines

In order to create high quality websites, Google AdSense has recommendations through the landing page and site quality guidelines. It is believed that once a user visits a site, he is expecting these following qualities:

  • Feature relevant and original content
  • Transparent
  • Easy to navigate

Here are the guidelines in making a high quality website. This can help you keep a high visibility of your ads and have higher positions in the search results page.

Feature relevant and original content

  • Make sure that what your ad promises can be easily found by the users on your site.
  • The link on the ad should bring the user directly to the page where useful information can be found about your product or service on the ad. For example, the link on your ad should bring the user directly to the page where he or she can buy the product rather than on the page where there is a lot of description about the product.
  • Your site should feature an original content which cannot be found on another site. This guideline is particularly applicable to resellers who have the same products or have a site which is identical or similar to other seller’s sites.
  • Make sure that you provide substantial information. If the links on your ad brings the user to a page where there are more ads or general search results, don’t forget to provide unique, additional content to that.

Be transparent

  • Clearly share what you business is all about and what it does.
  • Honor the deals or the offers that you are promoting on your ad.
  • Products and services should be delivered as promised.
  • The products and services that a consumer receives should only be the one that is charged.
  • Make sure to distinguish your content site from the sponsored links.
  • Make sure that the prices or the billing methods of your products are located strategically on the area of the page where it is visible to the users.
  • Get the permission from the user first if you want to alter the user’s browser behavior, otherwise, avoid doing it.
  • Automatic installation of software by your site should always provide easy removal and you should be upfront about the installation.
  • Do not request for personal information unless you product or service renders it necessary.
  • If it is necessary for the user to provide personal information, make sure to provide a privacy policy which discloses how the information will be utilized.
  • Give options for the user about limiting the use of his or her personal information, such as receiving newsletters from your site.
  • Allow the users to view the contents of your site without requiring registration, or rather, provide them a glimpse of what they are going to see or get when they register.

Be easy to navigate

  • Avoid using excessive or unnecessary pop-ups, pop-unders and any other conspicuous elements in your site.
  • Provide an easy and short path for the users if they want to purchase or receive the product or service you are offering in your ad.
  • Be sure that your landing page is quick in loading.

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