How Does Google Adsense Work

how does google adsense workHow Does Google Adsense Work

Google AdSense is a service that allows online publishers, be they website owners or bloggers, to monetize their content by placing ads on their sites and collecting revenue based on clicks.  Website owners can decide where on their site to place the ads, in order to generate the most interest in them.  They can also decide what types of ads will be posted, in order to make sure they are relevant to their readership.  Not only does this make the ads more likely to make money, but it makes them less jarring for visitors to the site who may not be expecting to find ads.  If website owners can deliver information on a product that might be helpful to their readership, the ads will not bother them.

There a few different ways in which AdSense ads can be used to monetize and actually improve your website.  The obvious one is with the placement of ads on your page, around your content.  Where to place these ads is a matter of contention amongst different types of bloggers and website owners.  Since there is a culture in the blogging community of ad placement as disrespectful to readers, some who decide to monetize their blogs will hide the ads, trying to place them in the least conspicuous areas of their layout.  While that does mean that their visitors will be less likely to notice or take offense at the AdSense ads, it also means that most will not even see them.  It defeats the purpose.

Good ad placement tends to be a matter of quality over quantity.  If a website is wallpapered with advertisements, it will be more difficult for readers to navigate the content, and they will feel as though the owner is only in it to make money.  Since this is likely to turn visitors off, more ads could lead to fewer clicks.  Two or three ads in prominent places on each page are a good amount to shoot for.  A common ad layout is to put one banner-type ad on the top, one on the bottom, and a smaller one on the side, but the best bet is to experiment with your own site for the most attractive option.  Keep in mind when deciding whether to use AdSense ads that most of your loyal visitors will understand your desire to make money from your website.  You are providing them with content that keeps them coming back, so why shouldn’t you be paid for it?  Do not be afraid to monetize your blogs.  Place ads prominently and proudly, and it will pay off.

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